Moon Salutation : Easy Yoga for Moms, Kids, and Everyone in Between

Happy Moon, Happy Summer!

The hottest time of the year is upon us - have you noticed that you or your kids are getting agitated easily or are you finding yourself in a heated discussion? Pitta season is in full swing, so naturally our Pitta dosha and the functions of Pitta such as metabolic fire, body heat, and anger will begin to rise. It is important to be mindful of the rising temperature of our bodies as well as the rising temperature of our Earth so that we can become more in alignment with ourselves, our planet, and each other.

Extreme, vigorous exercise is not recommended during the Summer. Instead, control your Pitta dosha (and balance the minis) by substituting your/their regular practice with three rounds of Chandra Namaskar, also known as Moon Salutation, in the morning three times per week.

Chandra Namaskar activates the cooling, nurturing and feminine energies of the body. Therefore, not only does Chandra Namaskar help to pacify Pitta, it is a practice particularly nourishing for women and children.

(Fun fact: long before large cities with unnatural lighting, cell phones, computers and tablets existed, women used to menstruate at the same time in alignment with the phases of the moon! This goes to show how far removed we have become from our natural selves.)

That being said, the more you practice Chandra Namaskar, the more in alignment with your circadian rhythms you will become. This fun and easy practice takes just over four minutes of your day, and is great to practice with your kids too!

To our nourishing and life-giving Moon, I howl and salute to you. xo

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